Welcome Visitor! - Introduction

Hi there friend! I would like to welcome you to my little space on the vast world inside the information super-highway on the WEB.

My name is Joules, a 27 year old single woman who lives her life to the fullest everyday :)

I love to write about health articles, you can call it a hobby (a weird hobby). But I guess it's mainly because I was a bit over the normal weight category for my age (yeah, I was fat!).

2011 is a new beginning for me and I will make this blog as an "online diary" for me to keep track on my progress with regards to my diet. I will also share some random tips, activties, diets ANYTHING! As long as it involves MOVING the body, because as you know constant moving = calories burned = weight loss.

But of course, I won't be able to update everyday since I'm currently taking up my master's degree and I'm super busy with our family business. But rest assure that I'll try to post something new every 3-5 weeks ;)

You can view my random rants, tips or anything happening with my current life here... https://caloriesburned.webnode.com/blog/

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!