Tip 1 - All about Belly Dancing

20/01/2011 19:13

Proactol reviews with all the colorful bling and attractive costumes, belly dancing became famous for its feminine and sensuality. Amazingly, its uniqueness became one of the attractions for many people. Commonly called an Arabic dance in the west, belly dance has actually originated as male performing dance. As it evolves, different steps with different styles of costumes depend on the country and region. Best way to burn calories

Spreading globally, belly dance has a misnomer regarding calories burned into the body parts involved in it. Surprisingly, it involves all parts of the body, yet, it is the hips that is highlighted, hence, the name belly dance.

Just like in movies, belly dance has its own charm that magnifies the audience. Probably, it is the grace and How to lose 20 pounds in a month sensuality along with colorful costumes that can put the audience in spell.

With different costume in burning calories to each country, belly dance has a common costume that was modifies to suit the traditions of each country. Commonly, it was a fitted bra which is matched with a low hip skirt or pants. These two could be separate pieces, but both are adorned with coins and different accessories such as braid, sequins, beads, and embroidery.

To spark audience interest, performers often used some props such as fan, fire sticks, cane, and even snakes to burn calories plus Varieties on these props are used to create more interesting performance.

Taking a big leap from entertainment, belly dancing has become one of the most sought-after fitness exercises. Belly dancing is suitable for all ages because it does not require weight training. Supposedly, it can prevent osteoporosis in older people. Amazingly, belly dancing can heal menstrual cramps. Also, it can relieve joint and back pain.

Primarily, belly dance improves correct posture. Noticeably, performers have projected smart moves along with good posture. Otherwise, belly dancing would not be so effective.

Similarly, belly dance moves improves flexibility of the torso, and muscle strength in fingers, arms, upper body, and hips. In hips movement, long muscles on the back and legs are toned and strengthened. Shimmering vibration of the hips benefits muscles on the back and then going down to thighs and legs.

Generally, belly dance requires physically fit body. Hence, daily workout is a great help to sustain energy in performing belly dance. Although it may not need weight training, this dance needs to have a daily routine exercise to sustain the body’s energy in performing this dance. Core and general body strength is a must, so it is important to perform cardiovascular exercises. The idea is to keep the body in performance level.
Surprisingly, belly dance does not need any dance experience. In fact, anybody can try belly dance even as a form of exercises. It just needs commitment to learn belly dance. Furthermore, it does not require certain body shape. Even women with bigger tummy can have fun in doing this activity. Actually, belly dance is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape evenly and effectively. Depending on the intensity, an hour in this class can burn up to 300 calories.

The beauty of belly dance has become popular all around the world. To prove this, different versions were made by each country. But, any reasons of each version have the same denominator: its health benefits. Likewise, belly dance has catered to all ages, gender, and body shape to benefits on this fun activity.